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Are you a Black or Black Mixed-Heritage pregnant woman or birthing person living in the UK? Would you like specialist support from a Tommy’s Midwife during your pregnancy? Book a 1:1 call now.
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African families in the UK (AFiUK) Colchester

We are African families in the UK (AFiUK) - a Colchester based organisation supporting families. We serve the interests of African and other ethnic minority families.

We offer the following support:

Safe Space for Mums (Mum and Toddlers Group):

We offer a secure environment for mothers, particularly those who are survivors of domestic abuse and have transitioned from refuge. This group serves as a vital support network. We also work closely with health professionals and can offer support for mental health and family well-being, assistance with trauma recovery, and support for reintegrating into society. We regularly have maternity services attend the sessions, offering expert information, feeding advice and perinatal mental health support.

Indoor Play Area for Kids:

Recognising the importance of social interaction, we have created a dedicated indoor play area. This space allows mothers to bond with one another, while their children engage in meaningful peer interactions. We believe in fostering connections not only among moms but also among their children.

Breastfeeding Support:

AFIUK provides a designated space for breastfeeding, offering a welcoming environment for mothers to drop in. This initiative aims to normalise breastfeeding and provide a comfortable setting for this essential aspect of motherhood.

Self-Assessment for High Blood Pressure (HBP):

Our project includes a self-assessment for high blood pressure, encouraging mothers to prioritise their health. This proactive approach empowers mums to monitor their well-being and seek timely assistance if needed.

Support with Housing and Benefits:

AFIUK is proud to announce a partnership with TCAS, an organisation dedicated to community assistance. We are enhancing our support services by providing tailored assistance to our mothers in the areas of housing and benefits.

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PHOEBE Ipswich and West Suffolk

Phoebe is an Ipswich-based registered charity that offers specialist advice, information, casework, advocacy and support and counselling services to black and ethnic minority women and children.

The Suffolk Black Mothers and Babies Project

The Suffolk Black Mothers and Babies Project offers peer to peer support groups, specialist maternity advocates and community champions. At Phoebe we work in partnership with maternity services. We often have midwives; health visitors and other specialist healthcare professionals attend sessions at the hub.

Black Maternity Grandmothers project

Black Maternity Grandmothers project offers support from our grandmothers. They are retired nurses and midwives from a range of backgrounds who offer support and guidance to pregnant women and new mothers. Through home visits and maternity workshops, women lacking support networks can receive guidance during this period of their lives.

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