Pregnancy and Birth Films

Welcome to the information hub. Here you will find a selection of films that we hope will guide you through your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal journey. Each film has been created in partnership with health professionals. The information is accurate, evidence based, and you can trust it.

We hope the films help you to make choices about your care and start questions and conversations with your own health care provider.

Your Healthy Pregnancy

Find top tips on nutrition, vitamins and guidance on how to stay well in pregnancy.

Antenatal Screening

During your pregnancy you will be offered a variety of screening tests. Find out what they mean for you and your baby.

The Latent Stage of Labour Getting to Know Your Cervix

This is the first part of your labour. Learn what happens in the latent phase of labour and what helps.

The First Stage of Labour

The first stage of labour is often the longest part. Find out how your body is working towards birth and top tips to make it easier.

The Second Stage of Labour

Understand how your body births your baby, how it might feel and what will help at this stage.

The Third Stage of Labour

This film helps you understand your choices for delivering your placenta.

The Birth Partner Role

If you are supporting someone in labour this film is for you.

Managing Pain in Labour

Understand what’s on offer and your choices for labour here.

When Complications Arise in Labour

During labour things can sometimes change and the labour journey needs to be adapted. Here you will gain an insight into all possibilities, preparing you for most situations.

Induction of labour

As induction of labour becomes increasingly common, understand the risks, benefits and your choices.

Multiple Births

Having more than one baby? There is a lot of information to absorb, and this is a great place to start.

Breech Baby

If your baby is in the breech position you will want to know your options. Find lots of useful information here.

Planned/Unplanned Caesarean Birth

Lots of information to guide you through the caesarean birth process.

The Neonatal Unit/Transitional Care

The neonatal unit is where a baby who needs extra care will stay. See what to expect here.

Feeding Your Baby

Deciding how to feed your baby? Find all you need to make decisions in this film.

Early Care of Your New Baby

This film will guide you through what to expect in the days after birth. From midwife checks when you get home to cord care and nappy changing, it’s all here.

Health Visiting – Suffolk Health Visiting Service and the Essex child and family wellbeing Service

The health visiting service will support you and your family for many years. Find out about the different professionals working in the service and how they can help and guide you.
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